Our Fees

For existing members we require payment for the term by the first evening of term.  Please pay promptly – not doing so causes unnecessary extra work for our hardworking volunteer treasurer, who would rather be enjoying choir than chasing tardy payers for fees!

If you are a new joiner, your first session is free (see Join).

Please pay by Internet /Bacs transfer or by cheque if possible.

If you pay by Internet / Bacs transfer click here to go obtain further details including the account number and sort code for the choir bank account –  use the usual password for this page.

Cheques  made out to “Bowes Park Community Choir” or to “B.P.C.C.”.

If you are paying by cash, please enclose the cash in an envelope which has your name and the amount of money written on it.

Let us know if there is a problem – we can always make special arrangements.

The fees for the next term are:

Spring Term  2018                      £50

We prefer payment for the full term if possible.

Bursaries are available, please contact us if you feel you can’t pay – this is a Community Choir and we wish no-one to be excluded due to session charges.