A few requests…

1. Bring a folder to put your songsheets in. This is important as songsheets are limited and precious!

2. Bring a pencil to mark your songsheets with the advice being given by the musical director.

3. Don’t forget a bottle of water to keep your voice lubricated.

4. To make the best progress we suggest you bring something to record the session, to help you remember the harmonies so you can practice at home. Other members of your section will value the additional support you can give them if you practice at home.

5. We provide tea and biscuits, but please bring your own mug.



The choir has a Facebook group so that choir members can easily communicate with each other.  Should you want to advertise a charity event or anything not choir related this is the place to do it.  To join you just have to search for “Bowes Park Community Choir” in Facebook , then request to join.  One of the group administrators will then approve your request.  As this is a closed group only members will be able to see and read posts.

If you use a different name on Facebook to the one we know you as at choir please e-mail us at membership.bowescommunitychoir@gmail.com  so that we know who you are when you ask to join.